Voyage De La Vie : Seize The moment

12 Jul 2010

Oh Lord please forgive me. I just cant stop myself to get in love with Singapores greatest playground at Sentosa Island! :)

Had my own flight tickets to Singapore on 22nd til 26th July, booked a hotel for 4 days and 3 nights stay, and bought USS tickets at 23rd July!! Seems a perfect yet wonderful holiday plan for me! :)

And then I started to make my own version of Singapore travel itinerary .. I listed some of must visit places, must do and also must try activities in Singapore! And USS is surely charted on the top of my list! :)

I went to Universal Studios Singapore almost 2 months ago. And yes, it was awesome! Thats why I want to go there again next week. And I really hope that my upcoming Singapore trip, is going to be one of my greatest experience this year.

Voyage De La Vie : Seize the moment

Few days ago, I found a news about Resort Sentosa Worlds Voyage De La Vie on the internet. And after I entered its website as well as I LIKE its fan page on Facebook, I get more informations about this show.

As i watched the trailer, so it began. Im starting to fall in love with the show.


Like just its title Voyage de La Vie show is about a story of a boys metaphoric journey of life. A theatrical music show combined with acrobatic actions, stunning costumes, magnificent sets and also an amazing performance by the casts! So it is not just an ordinary show .. this is really a show that can WOWS all the audiences and make them got hypnotized by all of the magical moments, started from the very beginning til last ending scene.

Since I dont very familiar with the casts and also the creators, so all I can say is IM SO VERY EXCITED to watch this show! Im desperately need to be on Festive Grand of Resort World Sentosa at 24th July 2010. Hopefully, wishfully, i could be one of the lucky three to win the tickets! :) * And if it granted, it will be my greatest voyage of life this year!

Everytime I breathe, I wont let a second pass me by,, Seize the moment
And wont release it, or leave it

Everytime I breathe, There wont be a second passing by,, Seize the moment .. and Ill never let go

~ Anggun Seize The Moment

And if had a chance to seize the Voyage De La Vies moment, I promise Ill never let it go! :)

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